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Homeowner's Guide

Moving to North Miami? Here are some shortcuts to help you get set up with the Utilities and Alarm Permits required for a smooth move to your new home in Keystone Point. Also, at the bottom we've placed some important Ordinances to help you avoid getting a ticket or fine.


Welcome to Keystone Point!


Voter Registration - Absentee Ballot

Make your voice count! Register to vote and request absentee ballots.


North Miami Code Compliance Guide

North Miami Code Compliance Homeowner's Guide - filled with information to help save you money as you avoid tickets!


Call Before You Dig

Safe digging is everyone's responsibility. But when someone decides to take shortcuts, weekend projects can lead to Internet and cable outages, injuries and sometimes worse. That's why it's so important (actually, it's the law) to have buried utilities in your yard located and marked before you dig.


KPNA Guardhouse SmartPass & Decal Application

Keystone Point is a Special Taxing District in Miami-Dade County. Decals & Smart Pass transponders are available by submitting an application to the County. Applications are available at the three guard gates as well.

Make sure that your vehicle registration already has your Keystone Point address to make it easier for you in this process. Keystone Point Main Gate uses SmartPass on the right lane and decals at all other gates.

Also the new form can be emailed, there is no need to mail this form in anymore. Payment for the devices, you can be arranged with the PROS Department separately.

ALSO, these devices are NOT transferable to other PERSONS (owners or renters) as they are issued specifically to you and your vehicle. If you change your vehicle or swap devices in your vehicles you must contact with the new vehicle information.

The only Gate that reads the SmartPass at the Main Gate. The other two gate guards look for the Decals to allow access.


Water & Sewer Account North Miami 

City of North Miami online Utilities services


Pay bills with your credit card online, with no service fee.

The City of North Miami provides water to its residents requiring a new account if you are moving in from anywhere else in Miami-Dade. The process requires you to show up in person to the Finance Dept. in City Hall to set up your account. Follow this link for detailed instructions...

Water bills are released on a quarterly basis and you can go paperless using the NoMi eServices Portal.

Click on these links below to add reminders to your own calendar:

Google Calendar

January 31st

April 30th

July 31st

October 31st

Outlook Calendar

Download & Open


North Miami Alarm Permit

North Miami Police manages the Alarm Registrations for Residents. Registration can be completed online and costs $25 to register every year.

Unregistered Alarm Systems that are connected to monitoring service are fined $100 up to $500 for calls to properties that are not registered with the Police Dept.


Natural Gas

Keystone Point has Natural Gas Service pipelines available. If your home has gas appliances or a standby generator you will need to set up gas service.

Visit the website and register for an account and enter the date you moved in to be accurately billed.


Florida Power and Light

Visit the FPL Website to transfer or apply for a new account to start electric service.


Animal & Pets - Miami-Dade County Ordinances

From pet waste to licenses to leash laws and so much more - get educated and avoid any fines.


Miami-Dade Homestead Exemption Application

If your primary residence is here in Keystone Point, qualify for your homestead exemption for property taxes.


United States Post Office Change of Address

Avoid costly delays in receiving your mail by submitting your change of address online. 

Once you submit your change of address, lookout for a valuable coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond for 20% off your "entire purchase".


Waste Pro Garbage Collection

Waste Pro is the service provider contracted by the City of North Miami to collect garbage & bulk trash throughout the City.

Click more info to learn more about how the containers should be used and the schedule of services including procedures and rules relating to trash collection.


North Miami Code of Ordinances - House Numbering

(a)  Assignment of property address. The building official shall assign a property address to each building upon the granting of the application for a permit to build. The property address shall be written by the building official on the building permit. Upon the completion of the construction of the building it shall be the duty of the owner to place and maintain the property address on the premises.            


(b)  Placement of property address.                           


(1)  Front footage. Any building situated on a lot, piece or parcel of real estate having a front footage on any street shall display in a conspicuous place and maintain on the building front the property address. In those instances where the building is situated on a lot, piece or parcel of real estate having a front footage on more than one (1) street, the owner of the building shall not be required to display more than one (1) property address on the premises.   

(2)  Rear entrance. Every commercial or industrial building shall place by the rear entrance(s) to said building a number or numbers designating the property address(es) thereof.    


(3)  Canal and alleyway frontage. Any residential property adjoining a canal and/or alleyway is required to have additional unobstructed property address displayed facing the canal and/or alleyway.

(4)  Size of property address numbers. The number or numbers comprising the property address shall not be less than three (3) inches and shall not exceed six (6) inches in height.      


(c)  Numbering of all apartments/units required. Every multi-family dwelling unit shall permanently display an identification number or letter on or adjacent to the main entry door of each individual apartment and/or condominium unit which shall not be less than two (2) inches and shall not exceed four (4) inches in height.


Mobile Car Wash and Other Mobile Vendors are Prohibited

(a)  It shall be unlawful to sell, offer to sell, or exhibit for sale any good or merchandise, including, but not limited to, fruit, nuts, popcorn, ice cream or sandwiches, or otherwise operate or conduct business, from any parked vehicle, cart, stand, or other apparatus, upon any street or sidewalk in the city, or from the exteriors of buildings licensed for sales, without first securing a permit by completing a permit application on a form provided by the City of North Miami and paying the necessary permit application fee, as approved by the city council and amended from time to time.


(b)  No mobile vendor shall station itself upon any public street or right-of-way, or upon any private property, except with the express permission of the property owner and in a manner, which does not impede the flow of traffic on public streets or rights-of-way, nor block pedestrian access to public streets or rights-of-way, unless participating in a city approved and permitted mobile vendor special event or a city sponsored event.


(c)  No mobile vendor shall be permitted to operate in any congested area where the vendor's operations might impede or inconvenience the public; with the exception of those participating in a city approved and permitted mobile vendor special event or a city sponsored event. For the purpose of this article, the judgment of a police officer, exercised in good faith, shall be deemed conclusive as to whether the area is congested or the public impeded or inconvenience.

(d)  No mobile vendor shall remain in any one (1) site longer than thirty (30) minutes, except in the case of a special event exhibition, exposition, art show and/or festival not to exceed five (5) days. In such instance, the mobile vendor shall secure a special event permit.


(e)  With the exception of ice cream mobile vendors, mobile vendors are prohibited in the city except in the M-1 zoning district or upon construction sites where work is actively in progress, for the purpose of selling there from any food products unless participating in a city sponsored event; and/or a city approved and permitted mobile vendor special event; or pursuant to a special event permit.


(f)  All mobile vendors must provide for their own trash and garbage removal such that no trash or garbage remains on the premises upon which the sale or vending transaction was conducted.


(g)  No mobile vendor shall wave, flag or motion to vehicles on the street.


(h)  No mobile vendor may vend or conduct business in such a manner as to restrict or interfere with the ingress or egress of the abutting property owner or tenant or create or become a public nuisance, increase traffic congestion or delay or constitute a hazard to traffic, life or property or an obstruction to adequate access to fire, police or sanitation vehicles.


Storage, maintenance and/or parking of trucks, boats, and/or recreational vehicles

A.    Parking and/or storage of boats, mounted or un-mounted, boat trailers, recreational vehicles, camping trailers, converted and chopped vans, full-tent trailers, mini-motor homes, motor homes, motorized homes, pickup campers and travel trailers may be permitted by administrative variance accordance with the following:

1.    Within an enclosed building or structure having been erected in compliance with the provisions of the Florida Building Code and applicable zoning regulations.

2.    On paved material on any lot or parcel of property within a single-family residential zone subject to the following:

3.    Not closer than two (2) feet to any lot line, except however, that in the case of a corner lot, parking of any of the above-listed vehicles within the setbacks of the side yard which fronts on the right-of-way shall be subject to the same landscaping requirements as outlined in subsection C. of this section.

4.    In the case of a corner lot, parking of any of the above-listed vehicles within the setbacks of the side yard which fronts on the right-of-way shall be in accordance with subsection C. of this section.

5.    Only one (1) boat, boat trailer and one (1) travel trailer, motor coach, converted and chopped van, motor home or recreational vehicle shall be permitted provided they are lawfully registered to occupants of the residence; or in the case of a vacant parcel or lot, the owner of the property.

B.     If in the opinion of the community planning and development department, the side or rear yard is not accessible, such storage may be permitted in the front yard but not closer than ten (10) feet from the front lot line. The paved area, except for access thereto, reserved for storage shall have placed upon the periphery thereof, where visible from an alley, street or highway, a hedge or landscaping to aesthetically screen a recreation vehicle from public view, which said screening and landscaping plan shall be as approved by the community planning and development department. Such landscaping shall be thirty-six (36) inches at the time of planting, two (2) feet on center, so that it appears as a solid continuous screen.

C.    Existing areas reserved for storage of recreational vehicles where no such screening exists along the boundaries thereof shall within ninety (90) days from the effective date of this ordinance provide such screening as heretofore required.

1.    In a legally marked and designated parking stall in any area zoned for multifamily development with the approval of the owner or owners.

2.    A recreational vehicle may be stored or parked in a lot or parcel of property in a single-family residential zone without regard to subsections B., C. and D. of this section for the sole express purpose of loading or unloading, not in excess of a twenty-four-hour period.


Prohibited Parking and/or Storage

A.    No recreational vehicle, truck, van, or bus shall be used for human habitation overnight in any area of the city.

B.    No recreational vehicle, truck, van or bus or unmounted boat which is in a state of externally visible disrepair or partial construction shall be stored or parked upon any single-family or multiple-family zoned properties, or upon commercially zoned properties, except as may be permitted under junk or derelict property, article II of chapter 10 of the city's code.


C.    No recreational vehicle or bus except as otherwise provided herein, shall be stored or parked overnight upon a street or public right-of-way, nor upon any property designated or used for a park or public land.


D.    No truck in excess of one and one-half (11/2) ton load capacity shall be stored or parked in any residential area of the city unless said truck is actively engaged in the loading or unloading of materials.


E.    No bus shall be stored or parked in any residential area of the city, except that a bus used by a school or religious institution lawfully established in a residential area may be stored or parked on the premises of said school or religious institution property.


F.    No wrecker shall be maintained, parked or stored in residential district of the city upon any private or public property or right-of-way within said districts or upon any street abutting said districts. Nothing in this paragraph shall prohibit the temporary parking of a wrecker while actively engaged in the process of removing or towing a vehicle.

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