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Animals & Pets

Not picking up your dog's poop is considered a public nuisance!
You must exercise proper care and control of your dog. It is creating a public nuisance when it chases vehicles or persons, or when it trespasses or causes damage to another person’s private property, or on public property. 


Public Nuisance: $50 fine

It is not allowed in Miami-Dade County to allow dogs to urinate or defecate on public land or commonly held private property. Dog owners are responsible for picking up waste material left by their dogs and disposing of it properly.

Please note that Miami-Dade County Public Works does not install "dog poop signs." It is not permissible to install such signs on public right of ways. Property owners are free to post signs on their property to discourage the practice, however.

For more information on the law in Miami-Dade, see Sec. 5-20 as follows:

"It shall be unlawful for a responsible party to allow, whether willfully or through failure to exercise due care or control, a dog to commit any nuisance upon: the sidewalk of any public street; the floor of any common hall in any apartment house, hotel, or other multi-family dwelling; or any entranceway, stairway or wall immediately abutting on a public sidewalk; ort the floor of any theatre, shop, store, office building or other building used in common by the public. "Nuisance," for the purposes of this section, shall be defined as defecation and/or public urination. If a dog defecates on the grassy swale of a public right-of-way or other such public property, or on private property without the express or implied consent of the property owner, the responsible party shall remove the defecation and deposit it in an appropriate trash receptacle, sanitary disposal unit, or other sealed container."

For your convenience, KPHA has Pet Waste Stations located throughout our community. The City of North Miami has installed & manage these stations. See the map below for the nearest waste station to you....

Here are pamphlets and the exact ordinance you can share to warn offending neighbors:

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