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KPNA is a voluntary neighborhood association in which residents of Keystone come together to socialize and work on community issues. We invite your participation! We meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Galvin (Wildcat) Center at NE 126 Street and NE 17th Avenue - at night, you may park in the lot just north of the building. In order to stay current, kindly sign up to receive our emails, which include news that pertains to our local neighborhood, the City of North Miami, and, occasionally Miami-Dade County.

A present concern we are discussing is the future development of The White House Inn parcel at 2305 NE 123rd Street (and North Bayshore Drive), which is being developed by the Related Group to construct 54 residential condominium units with a total building height of 110' (plus flood elevation and up to 20% rooftop bonus). The City to
Change the zoning from 35' to the BZ zoning, which is directly south of the property.


This has passed 4-1 on the first vote. You can read the updated declaration of restrictions that the staff is suggesting (scroll down). The declaration of restrictions can also be found on the agenda, Tabs J & K.  Residents have many concerns about the height being too great for a transition zone adjacent to single-family homes, as well as the entrance off of the bridge and many other items.


If approved, many residents are concerned that this will "open the door" for surrounding properties to request increases in height and create a massive "wall" of tall buildings around the surrounding residential communities to the north, south, and west of NE 123rd Street.


NEXT STEPS – Site Plan Approval - Date and time to be announced. City Hall 776 NE 125 Street. Public comment will be allowed.

We are looking to find a compromise in height - something that truly reflects the transition zone from single-family to multi-family, high density. 


Our argument is simple: We want height that matches a true transition zone from single-family homes. Please also write to all council members (see below for addresses). We need your attendance and input to advocate for maintaining our quality of life and that of the surrounding residential communities. Our beautiful neighborhood could become "walled in" by high rises around our entire perimeter.


The Related Group has been garnering support from residents from throughout the city - even five miles west. Their premise is the economic benefit of the building. They have residents writing emails, signing, petitions, etc. in favor. Below is the original rendering at 169' feet. We are not in receipt of the 110' rendering.

Honorable Mayor Philippe Bien-Aime

Honorable Vice Mayor Alix Desulme, Ed. D. (District-4)

Honorable Councilman Scott Galvin (District 1 – Keystone Point Rep)

Honorable Councilwoman Kassandra Timothe, MPA (District 2)

Honorable Councilwoman Mary Estime-Irvin (District 3)

City of North Miami City Manager, Ms. Theresa Therilus, Esq.

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