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North Miami Code Enforcement are citing Mobile Car Wash Vendors

Code Enforcement notified Homeowners at the December Meeting that they are citing Mobile Car Wash Vendors. The City Municipal Code prohibits several types of mobile vendors and do not issues Business Licenses to Mobile Car Wash Vendors as they are explicitly forbidden to provide this type of service in the city. The Code Enforcement Officer also cited Environmental & Noise Nuisance Codes that also prohibit this type of vendor from providing their services in the city.

Here is the link to the City Municipal Code:

ALSO, Bulk Trash placed outside prior to Thursday morning may result in a $100 a day fine. If you have a gardener, they are responsible for removing & hauling your debris away. Leaves are NOT allowed to be blown on neighbors' lawns or into streets or canals. Our sewers cannot handle the debris. Report violations! And bag your leaves! No loose leaves and cuttings should be left on swale!

FINALLY, beware of the Pooper Scooper Law!!!

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