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What's Next at White House Inn Property?

56 Unit Prototype Sample

UPDATE Feb 2021

The White House Inn property is currently zoned R-4. This is a residential zoning that allows only 35’ Maximum height and 12 dwelling units per acre. This zoning was reaffirmed in our most recent Comprehensive Plan for the city and has in place during the last two sales of the property.

We await hearing from the current buyer as to their intentions for the property. If they wish to have it rezoned, it will need to go firs to the Planning Commission.

  • The current R-4 zoning is designed to provide a transition zone between our residential community and other more intense forms of residential development. This zoning should be preserved to avoid the intrusion that a 10 story building will have on our community.

  • The entrance to the property for traffic eastbound on 123rd St. is problematic without significant alterations to existing roadways.

  • Residents of the property needing to go north on Biscayne Blvd. are likely to use Keystone Point to avoid the gridlock at Biscayne & NE 123 St. and do the same upon their return.

  • The developer is presenting a scaled down version of the project, to obtain approval of the rezoning, while simultaneously marketing the site for $17 million with the full density and intensity of the BZ zoning. Any buyer will do as they please with the new zoning, if approved.

Of note, the Planning Commission meetings do not usually have good public turnout, and the Planning Commission is most usually on the side of development. A few years back, an item came before the Planning Commission for town-homes on the west side of the City. The large attendance by neighbors led to the Commission rejecting the development. This rarely happens, but proves that ATTENDANCE MATTERS!

When this matter comes before the Commission, it is imperative that residents speak out. Our voices must be heard.


Ocean Cadillac, from Bay Harbor Islands, purchased this residentially zoned one acre parcel of land where the White House Inn sits approximately two years ago. Thus far, they have expressed interest to build on that site a seven story structure (80-100’) for their Cadillac showroom, auto service, parking garage and two restaurants on the ground level. City Council will have to vote to approve the rezoning.

  • The land is zoned for low/medium density residential use with a maximum height of 35’.

  • From Aventura to downtown Miami there is no commercial development on the west shore of Biscayne Bay. This property would be out of place and completely inconsistent with the stated purpose of the R-4 residential district as defined in the North Miami Comprehensive Plan.

  • Auto showrooms are not allowed in North Miami to the east of Biscayne Blvd.

  • Auto repair is not allowed in North Miami to the east of Biscayne Blvd.

  • Spot zoning is not allowed in North Miami.

  • This seven story garage would sit across the street from the only waterfront park in the city which the city has invested heavily into and tower over the south entrance to Keystone Point.

As of December 2, 2016, they have withdrawn their application. We await to see what they will ask next. Possibilities include keeping it residential but asking to build higher.

When this proposal goes in front of Zoning and the City Council, we will need to be in attendance to express our desires. Zoning meets the first Tuesday of the month; City Council the 2nd and 4th Tuesday. Both at City Hall, Council Chambers (2nd floor) at 7:00.

This project will affect the quality of life our neighborhoods forever. Please stay informed (sign up for eblasts) and plan to attend these meetings and have your voices heard. Share with neighbors--not everyone receives these emails (they may sign up at


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