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Welcome to Keystone Point,

KPHA is a voluntary homeowners' association. We meet the 3rd Thursday of the month (presently virtually). Please sign up to receive our emails, which include news that pertains to our local neighborhood, the City of North Miami, and, occasionally Miami-Dade County.

Our next General Meeting/State of the City/Board Election is January 21st at 6:30 pm. Normally, this is a lovely gathering with neighbors catching-up with one another and hearing news from city officials. As this will not be possible this year, we will create a virtual gathering at invite our city manager, chief of police, and elected officials to update us on the state of our city. To register to attend, please visit: *Zoom registration:

We welcome your involvement and look forward to a post-Covid world in which we can return to chili cook-offs, pumpkin carvings, fishing tournaments and more. Meanwhile, please sign up for to receive our updates. Together, we are effective at making improvements to our community. 

KPHA Board

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