Take Them Out Over the Ocean. Since inception, planes have departed east and gone straight out over the ocean before turning. Then Miami Beach complained and FAA got better equipment that allows planes to cut north faster - right over our heads. This is dangerous. This is loud. And, in North Miami, we also have Opa Locka air traffic plus the Coast Guard. 

The FAA has been rolling out NextGen to lawsuits all across the nation - Miami is next. Their plan is to funnel airplanes into a narrow path - putting 400+ flights a day over the Northeast Corridor - over our heads as low as 3,000 feet. Miami Beach & Bay Harbor lobbied for their quality of life - and ruined it for the NE Corridor. Already there are days in which 20 airplanes an hour can be heard. The immediate impact = noise, soot, and greater risk. Potential long-term impact = decrease in home values, health issues*. Nowhere on their website do they reference residential quality of life as an issue. Don't let the present reduction in air traffic (due to COVID) fool you - this is really happening. 

Individual Complaints

as plane noise impacts you on a daily basis, contact:

noise@miami-airport.com 305-876-PLANE.

stay informed - TELL OTHERS

(1) Join Facebook'S Sky Justice Miami; (2) read the Miami Herald article 

elected officials

MIA Departures.png
3,540 inland.png
5,052 ft.png
5,993 a1a.png

Images taken from free App Flightradar 24 - you will find that you can hear flights that are miles away and that planes average between 5,000 - 9,000 feet over our heads - and this is just from MIA. We are impacted by domestic departures during any wind that is not from the west - so most of the time.