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Keystone Point        Neighborhood Association

Welcome to Keystone Point,

KPNA* is a voluntary neighborhood association. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 at the Scott Galvin Community Center at 1600 NE 126 Street. Parking is available just north of the center (ignore the no parking sign). 

We hope you will support our essential organization needs, including our meetings, Kids Club, holiday gifts for the guards, and beautifying the guard gates. You may pay annual dues on our website.

In order to stay current, kindly sign up to receive our emails, which include news that pertains to our local neighborhood, the City of North Miami, and, occasionally, Miami-Dade County.

We welcome all residents to be involved in our community. Together, we are effective at making improvements. 

KPNA Board

*formerly KPHA (Keystone Point Homeowners Association)

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