$155 Million Bond? Attend Feb 13 7:00 Council Meeting & Speak Out!

On Tuesday February 13, 2018 7:00 if 3 of our 5 City Council members approve, we will be voting on a $155 million bond within the next few months. Read the specifics and consider whether another $300+/$130,000 assessed value of your home is worth paying. Contact all voting members of council AND come out and speak!

REGISTER TO VOTE! If you are not registered at your North Miami address, do so now! Also, if you will be out of town, arrange for ABSENTEE BALLOT. Folks, Keystone's voting record is abysmal--we get what we deserve when we don't even show up to vote.

Talk to your neighbors. Are they receiving KPHA emails? Are they aware of the possibility of these bonds?

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